Recent media coverage

The recent papers mentioned below have drawn some media attention in the last week.

See the Alzforum article about the “Frontal variant Alzheimer’s disease” paper by Rik Ossenkopple et al (Brain 2015).

The article by Jacobsen et al (Brain 2015) also got attention from multiple websites: SciFeeds, Science News, Medical X Press, and the official website of the Max Planck Institute where our collaborators works.

About Renaud La Joie

PhD in neuroscience/neuropsychology. I am interested in age-related neurodegenerative diseases including Alzheimer’s disease & related disorders. My research involves multimodal neuroimaging and neuropsychological tools, as complementary approaches are required to better characterize - and hopefully understand - these disorders. From a more fundamental perspective, studying the diseased brain will also contribute to further our knowledge on the neural basis of cognitive functions in the normal brain.
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