Research theme #5

Collaborations / side projects

Music and the brain (fMRI and structural MRI).

Groussard et al., Plos One 2010: Structural and task-related fMRI study of healthy young adults, assessing the cerebral signature of musical expertise in terms of brain structure and musical familiarity-related activation. Collaboration with Mathilde Groussard and Hervé Platel (Inserm u1077, Caen).

Jacobsen et al., Brain 2015. This paper includes two experiments. First, our colleagues performed a task-related fMRI in healthy young adults, with multivariate analyses of musical memory-related cortical activation. Then, we assessed the integrity of these regions in Alzheimer’s disease, looking at structural MRI, FDG-PET and Florbetapir-PET (data derived from La Joie et al., J Neurosci 2012). Collaboration with Jorn Jacobsen, Johannes Stelzer, Tom Fritz, and Robert Turner (Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences, Leipzig)

Structural neuroimaging of alcohol-related brain alterations.

During my time in the Inserm u1077 lab in Caen, I was very lucky to collaborate with a great group that studies alcohol-related brain injury and Korsakoff syndrome (the group is led by Hélène Beaunieux, Anne-Lise Pitel). I worked with Anne-Pascale Leberre, during her PhD and we published a couple of papers on structural correlates of readiness to change (Leberre et al., Psychiatry research: neuroimaging 2013) and decision making (Leberre et al., European Psychiatry 2014).

More recently, I participated in writing a review paper on the contribution of FDG-PET imaging to the understanding of memory impairment. That work was led by Shail Segobin, a post doc in the alcohol group (Segobin et al, Neuropsychology Reviews 2015).


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