Inserm u1077 (Caen, France)

Home for my Master’s and PhD (2008-2012) with Gaël Chételat and Béatrice Desgranges


Nicolas Villain, PhD

Marine Fouquet, PhD

Katell Mevel, PhD

Audrey Perrotin, PhD

Robin de Flores, MSc

Eider Arenaza-Urquijo, PhD

Alexandre Bejanin, PhD




– The Jagust lab (UC Berkeley, USA)

A short but extremely exiting post doc with Pr William Jagust (2013-2014)


Sylvia Villeneuve, PhD

Miranka Wirth, PhD

Jacob Vogel, BA

Rik Ossenkoppele, PhD

Monika Varga Doležalová

– The hippocampal subfield group

A group of researchers working with hippocampal subfield imaging, who decided to gather and make efforts towards a harmonization of hippocampal subfield delineation protocols. The group is led by experts in the field: Valerie Carr (Stanford), Arne Ekstrom (UC Davis), Geoff Kerchner (Stanford), Susanne Mueller (UCSF), Craig Stark (UC Irvine), Lei Wang (Northwestern University), Michael Yassa (UC Irvine) and Paul Yushkevich (University of Pennsylvania).

Together with Laura Wisse and Ana Daugherty, I am a member of the steering committee of the boundary working group. In october 2015, we organized a successful two-day retreat in Chicago to develop a first draft of an harmonized protocol for subfield segmentation of the hippocampal body (more information here).

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